Kickstart your data-driven organization.

Data is one of the most important assets for organizations today, but many still find it difficult to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the data revolution.

That’s why the Data Bakery was created. With it, you’ll be able to kickstart your data-driven organization.

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What it is?

The Data Bakery is a fun and engaging workshop style game that quickly creates a common frame of reference, understanding of opportunities, needs and challenges linked to data for the different parts of a company.

This way we merge three important aspects when setting the stage for data-driven design and innovation; the user, the business and the technological perspective.

Why play?

  1. Unlock the value of data assets.
  2. Find your place in a data ecosystem.
  3. Develop data-led concepts that are feasible, desirable and viable.
  4. Prioritise investments.
  5. Enable and boost cross-functional engagement through data literacy.

“To share a common perspective between data, design and business people is crucial to unlocking the real value of data to an organization”


A framework to unpack your current data landscape

  • What data initiatives are ongoing?
  • Where is data currently collected?
  • How is data currently stored and used?
  • Who are the main stakeholders when it comes to data initiatives?
  • What are your strategic goals when it comes to being data-driven?


Lenses through which your data concepts can be validated

Desirability – Human lens
  • Who is this for?
  • Why do they want it?
  • How does it help them?
Viability – Business lens
  • How does it generate revenue?
  • How does it save money?
Feasibility – Data lens
  • Is the concept technically possible?


Your recipe for data driven success

  1. A shared view, common language and understanding of competing data concepts and how to keep moving towards being a data driven organisation
  2. A validated backlog of data led initiatives prioritised by impact and effort
  3. Detailed requirements and next steps for your key data led initiatives in the form of a recipe card

What do I get?

After the game you will have a co-created and prioritized list that can be used as a step-by-step guide to implementing data-led initiatives.

You will also have a synchronized and committed team to drive and spread ownership, understanding and inspiration regarding data-driven design and innovation processes.

This will help you create business value through the discovery of opportunities, new products and services while breaking down barriers between organizational silos.